April 2017

amazon drone delivery

Amazon All Set to Step up UK Tests of Drones for Delivery


source url Amazon will now step up drone tests in the United Kingdom airspace after getting approval from the Government. The Civil Aviation Authority, which is also known as the CAA, has now granted Amazon a special permission for testing the drone without many restrictions. This awesome agreement will make the online retail giant move one step […]

Is It Time to Replace WhatsApp? Rival App Comes Up with an Awesome Feature We Have All Been Looking Out For

Have you ever regretted sending a WhatsApp message to someone? There may have been times when you had something in mind, but landed up sending something else by mistake using the WhatsApp messenger service. You must have tried to edit the sent message, but you would have been unsuccessful in your attempt. One of the […]

video SEO

Things to Know before Opting for Video SEO

Positioning/ranking a site in the long haul is not pretty much building an expansive number of connections. It’s likewise about creating top notch content that will draw in connections commonly after some time. On the other hand, one sort of substance that still is underutilized in the realm of SEO is online video feature. Though […]