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launch product on social media

5 tips to launch product on social media sites

Social media platform attracts the attention of readers and visitors and it encourages them to share product site with others. Social media marketing is a form of marketing driven by word of mouth and it offers quicker result than paid media. Social media is a platform easily accessible through internet, and people  visit social media […]

digital marketing strategies

5 Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

There are endless options to promote and market your business. Perhaps you’ve heard about Facebook and twitter in past 5 years, but you might have tried much for promoting your business. Here are some of the options to promote your business. Social Media Here, the landscape is extensive: Bookmarking sites such as StumbleUpon, Facebook, and […]

facebook and adBlock companies

Facebook and AdBlock Companies

Digital advertisements keep popping up online so often and ubiquitously that several tech-savvy users are making use of ad-blocking software to prevent these ads. Such programs have been a boon to them to stop the annoying ads, but hereon it’s not likely to be that easy for Facebook users to stop the advertisements from showing up […]

video SEO

Things to Know before Opting for Video SEO

Positioning/ranking a site in the long haul is not pretty much building an expansive number of connections. It’s likewise about creating top notch content that will draw in connections commonly after some time. On the other hand, one sort of substance that still is underutilized in the realm of SEO is online video feature. Though […]

Android Pay Launched in UK: Google Launches Android Pay Today

Google’s New Android Pay system has now been launched in the UK, going head on with its arch rival Apple in a battle over customers’ digital wallets. The platform, which was first unveiled in the month of  May last year and that has been operational in the US since last September, allows all phones that […]

cortana searches

Microsoft Allows Nothing but Bing in Cortana Searches

This news is for all the Microsoft’s competitors like the popular Google, Firefox, Opera, Yahoo and all others that compete with Microsoft’s Bing search engine that it will be closed off within Cortana digital assistant in Microsoft’s latest Operating System. It was announced in Microsoft’s blog post that the new Cortana’s search engine results will not display […]