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The Best Black Friday Deals from GoDaddy for 2017

GoDaddy is the go-to web hosting provider for millions of website owners around the world for reasons that are justifiable – reliable uptime, quick page loading time, high security, good customer support, and reasonable pricing.

mobile seo tips

Four Mobile SEO Tips for Retail and M-Commerce

Looking at the current ratio of mobile users, it is quite natural to find website owners having mobile-friendly web designs. Smartphone users purchase things online via mobile specific site, but only 5% of retailers have such sites.  Most smartphone users land at site, following Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media network. To capture the […]

amazon drone delivery

Amazon All Set to Step up UK Tests of Drones for Delivery

Amazon will now step up drone tests in the United Kingdom airspace after getting approval from the Government. The Civil Aviation Authority, which is also known as the CAA, has now granted Amazon a special permission for testing the drone without many restrictions. This awesome agreement will make the online retail giant move one step […]

Is It Time to Replace WhatsApp? Rival App Comes Up with an Awesome Feature We Have All Been Looking Out For

Have you ever regretted sending a WhatsApp message to someone? There may have been times when you had something in mind, but landed up sending something else by mistake using the WhatsApp messenger service. You must have tried to edit the sent message, but you would have been unsuccessful in your attempt. One of the […]

CNA certification course

What Are the Skills That You Obtain during a CNA Certification Course?

We all very well know how important the roles of certified nursing assistants are in healthcare facilities. And especially, in the current medical scenario where the healthcare standards are rising, the need for CNAs have grown up substantially. Many people misinterpret this profession. People think that CNAs do not possess specific skill sets related to […]

sony xperia XZ

Sony Xperia XZ Released in the UK

The wait is finally over and the new flagship smartphone from Sony, Xperia XZ is here for you to experience. The phone that was unveiled in Berlin at the IFA Technology Conference is now on sale in the UK. It is the latest and one of the best till date from Sony, which boasts of intelligent battery […]

Google Accused of Promoting Photo Piracy by Getty Images

An official complaint has been raised by the photographic agency Getty against the top search engine Google. The search engine has been accused of scraping images from photography site into its own galleries. The formal complaint from Getty with the European Union’s antitrust commission added a new chapter in Google’s ongoing legal troubles in Europe. As of now, […]