Microsoft Allows Nothing but Bing in Cortana Searches

This news is for all the Microsoft’s competitors like the popular Google, Firefox, Opera, Yahoo and all others that compete with Microsoft’s Bing search engine that it will be closed off within Cortana digital assistant in Microsoft’s latest Operating System.


It was announced in Microsoft’s blog post that the new Cortana’s search engine results will not display third party searches. This comes in as a counter response to the search engine giant Google’s smart workaround to set up itself as the dominant, if not default, search engine in Microsoft environment. In simple words, Bill Gates’ creation is now making the internet users to switch to Bing via Cortana digital assistant that is integrated in Windows 10, which means every search a person makes should be coursed via its own web browser.

Microsoft recently stated that since Windows 10 has grown both in adoption as well as usage, the company has seen some software programs that circumvent the design of Windows 10 and that redirects the users to search providers, which was not designed to work with Cortana. This outcome is a compromised experience, which is less reliable and predictable. The company went on to state that the continuity of this kind of task completion scenarios is stopped if Cortana cannot depend on Bing as the search engine provider and Microsoft Edge as its browser.

In spite of the recent announcement, it does not mean that Google or other search engines will be totally closed off. Users will still be able to access them via the conventional browser search. This counter response comes in as quite a surprise and it is not so Microsoft kind of a way. The company finally gave in to the demands of the competition when contradicting the principles of digital neutrality. It stated that Siri and Android’s search feature that uses the voice locks users into obscured default search engines – the choice that many have criticized as against the principles of neutral user choice. However, it is not good news for all those who had been using the new extensions and not a usual direction for an operating system, which has typically distinguished itself as more customizable than its competitors.

Microsoft has been very keen on grabbing a great chunk of market share away from its ultimate competitor, Google, for a long time now.


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