facebook and adBlock companies

Facebook and AdBlock Companies

Digital advertisements keep popping up online so often and ubiquitously that several tech-savvy users are making use of ad-blocking software to prevent these ads. Such programs have been a boon to them to stop the annoying ads, but hereon it’s not likely to be that easy for Facebook users to stop the advertisements from showing up […]

mobile seo tips

Four Mobile SEO Tips for Retail and M-Commerce

Looking at the current ratio of mobile users, it is quite natural to find website owners having mobile-friendly web designs. Smartphone users purchase things online via mobile specific site, but only 5% of retailers have such sites.  Most smartphone users land at site, following Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media network. To capture the […]

blogging mistakes

Avoid These Top Five Blogging Mistakes

Blogging is a process through which one can promote the ideas of their product or promote their business. Writing a blog is not simply like writing an article. It should be catchy. If you want to do that, you must avoid these four blogging mistakes. The content must be more informative, but not directly promotional. […]

microsoft excel

Microsoft Excel: Use Pivot Tables to Analyze Your Data Efficiently

Teachers of software courses often find it easy to answer the “How”. However, the “Why” is often more difficult and complex to understand, especially when one is self-taught. This is the reason why many people stick to what they already know rather than learning new things when they are adept deep with the programs they use […]

learn skills for fresh bloggers

Must-Learn Skills for Fresh Bloggers That They Must Understand before They Fail

The article is for those who are beginners in blogging with lot of aspirations and confidence to achieve something big in life. The prime pillar that will keep them sustaining in the journey is the continuous flow of quality content that helps them not only to attract visitors, but also to rank well in search […]

NEET preparation tips for medical aspirants

5 Useful NEET Preparation Tips for Medical Aspirants

We all have seen how difficult NEET turned out in the year 2016. Both students and parents had to go through a tough time with so many updates and changes related to it. All these changes in NEET happened so instantly that both parents and students were not prepared to take the changes that occurred. […]

frequently ask questions in NEET

7 Questions Medical Aspirants Frequently Ask about NEET

NEET (National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test) is an entrance examination that is conducted in India by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for students who aspire to study dental courses (BDS), medical courses (MBBS) and post-graduate medical courses (MS/MD) in private or government medical colleges in the country. Since this is a fresh step […]

amazon drone delivery

Amazon All Set to Step up UK Tests of Drones for Delivery

Amazon will now step up drone tests in the United Kingdom airspace after getting approval from the Government. The Civil Aviation Authority, which is also known as the CAA, has now granted Amazon a special permission for testing the drone without many restrictions. This awesome agreement will make the online retail giant move one step […]

Is It Time to Replace WhatsApp? Rival App Comes Up with an Awesome Feature We Have All Been Looking Out For

Have you ever regretted sending a WhatsApp message to someone? There may have been times when you had something in mind, but landed up sending something else by mistake using the WhatsApp messenger service. You must have tried to edit the sent message, but you would have been unsuccessful in your attempt. One of the […]

video SEO

Things to Know before Opting for Video SEO

Positioning/ranking a site in the long haul is not pretty much building an expansive number of connections. It’s likewise about creating top notch content that will draw in connections commonly after some time. On the other hand, one sort of substance that still is underutilized in the realm of SEO is online video feature. Though […]